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The Lost City






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Andy Garcia (Modigliani) stars and makes his directorial debut in a passionate and historical tribute to his native Cuba. Havana in 1958 is a place of pleasure for many, but others are not happy under the rule of dictator Fulgencio Batista. As the revolutionary forces of Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara prepare to move on the city, Fico Fellove (Garcia)—owner of the city’s classiest music nightclub, El Tropico—struggles to hold together his family and the love of a woman (Inés Sastre), not knowing that his club will become more than just a stage for popular entertainment. Observing all is The Writer (Bill Murray) an expatriate American who sees Fico being drawn into events as the revolution changes everything. Though Fico watches a culture vanish and a people transformed, it is his love of Cuban music that keeps his memories alive. Co-starring Dustin Hoffman and Steven Bauer. Written by Cuban novelist Guillermo Cabrera Infante.


Directed by: Andy Garcia
Written by: G. Cabrera Infante
Producers: Frank Mancuso, Jr.
Andy Garcia
Executive Producers: Tom Gores
Johnny O. Lopez
Co-Producers: Lorenzo O’Brien
Joseph Drago
Edited by: Christopher Cibelli
Director of Photography: Emmanuel Kadosh
Production Designer: Waldemar Kalinowski
Music by: Andy Garcia
Costume Designer: Deborah Lynn Scott
Casting By: Amanda Mackey Johnson
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond
Sig de Miguel
Wendy Weidman


Steven Bauer - Captain Castel
Richard Bradford - Don Donoso Fellove
Nestor Carbonell - Luis Fellove
Andy Garcia - Fico Fellove
Dustin Hoffman - Meyer Lansky
William Marquez - Rodney
Julio Oscar Mechoso - Colonel Candela
Tomás Milian - Don Federico Fellove
Enrique Murciano - Ricardo Fellove
Bill Murray - The Writer
Elizabeth Peña - Miliciana Muñoz
Millie Perkins - Doña Cecilia Fellove
Tony Plana - The Emcee
Inés Sastre - Aurora Fellove


“Two Thumbs Up.” - Ebert & Roeper

“Throbbing with music, seething with romance, a film that breaks your heart and ravishes you.” -Michael Willington, Chicago Tribune

“Sumptuous, Intoxicating…A Caribbean Doctor Zhivago.” -Steven Holden, New York Times

”The best movie I've seen so far this year” -Todd Hill, Newhouse News

“Vibrant, Excellent, Entertaining. Passion burns through every frame!” - Stephen Farber –Movieline

“Its stunning visual style and vibrant music transports us back into the soul of Havana.” - Pete Hammond, Maxim

“Invoking everything from The Godfather to Casablanca…Garcia's Cuban-American perspective is unmistakable and welcome.” - Rene Rodriquez, Miami Herald

'Lost City' a love song full of anguishPerhaps there had never been quite so many tears at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. The Lost City, Andy Garcia's love song to his homeland -- luxurious, dreamy and 16 years in the making -- played the Miami International Film Festival on Sunday night to a sold-out crowd of mostly Cuban Americans who, decades into exile, won't forget the anguish of leaving land and loved ones behind for the sake of a new start.
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