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Producer/Director/Actor Andy Garcia stars as Fico Fellove in his frist feature film as a director. The owner of "El Tropico" Havana's number one nightspot. Fico is a principled man trying to hold his family together in the midst of a revolution.

Aurora Fellove (Ines Sastre) and Fico Fellove try to continue life as usual and keep a sense of family as the Cuban Revolution soon may overtake their lives together.

Luis Fellove (Nestor Carbonell) contemplates his revolutionary actions just after leading an assault on the Presidential palace in Andy Garcia's film The Lost City.

Rodney (William Marquez) is Fico Fellove's artistic director at the infamous Havana nightspot, "El Tropico." Here, Willy dances with members of the IFE-ILE Dance Group as choreographed by Neri Torres.

Aurora Fellove (Ines Sastre) in happier times at Fico's El Tropico on the evening of Don and Donosa Fellove's anniversary.

The Writer (Bill Murray) reads a bit of poorly written propaganda aloud in Andy Garcia's film The Lost City. The Writer's character is based on celebrated Cuban writer G. Cabrera Infante, who wrote the screenplay for the film.

The music of Cuba resounds throughout Andy Garcia's film The Lost City. Trumpeter Chocolate plays a tune for his "Cuba Linda".

Aurora Fellove (Ines Sastre) reflects on the impending changes the revolution will bring to her family and country.

In better times, the three Fellove brothers relax before the coming storm in Andy Garcia's film The Lost City. From the left they are Ricardo (Enrique Merciano), Fico (Andy Garcia), and Luis (Nestor Carbonell).

The Emcee (Tony Plana) counts down the seconds to New Year's 1959 at Fico's El Tropico nightclub in Havana, Cuba.

Producer/Director/Actor Andy Garcia offers some screen and musical director to legendary trumpeter Alfredo "Chocolate" Armentos. "Chocolate" is not only the musical muse in the Film The Lost City, but he was also the bandleader of Cuba's master performer and composer Benny More.

Producer/Director/Actor Andy Garcia lines up a shot in the Fellove tobacco field in his film the Lost City. The field is actually owned by the legenday cigar producer Carlos Fuente who planted a samll crop out of season specifcally for the filming.