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Nature Calls

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Determined to honor his father’s scouting legacy and mount one last comeback for his dwindling troop, Assistant Scoutmaster Randy Stevens (Patton Oswalt) pays a visit to his business-minded brother Kirk (Johnny Knoxville), who is throwing a television-themed slumber party for his newly adopted 10-year-old son at his McMansion. Randy pressures the boys to secretly ditch the party and join him on a weekend scout trip. Pursued by Kirk and his security guard (Rob Riggle), the adventure lands the boys in trouble at every turn, pits them against angry parents and park rangers, yet ultimately turns the group of sheltered kids into a troop to be reckoned with.


Written and Directed by
Todd Rohal

Executive Producer
David Gordon Green

Executive Producers
Michael B. Clark
John Hodges
David Bausch

Director of Photography
Steve Gainer A.S.C.

Production Designer
Matt Munn

Edited by
Alan Canant
Nat Sanders

Original music by
Eric D. Johnson
Ryan Miller
Teese Gohl

Music Supervisor
Marguerite Phillips

Costume Designer
Jacki Roach

Casting by
Avy Kaufman


Patton Oswalt

Johnny Knoxville

Rob Riggle

Maura Tierney

Patrice O’Neal

Darrell Hammond

Peter McRobbie

Eddie Rouse

Ivan Dimitrov

Kelly Coffield Park


“HILARIOUS. Brazenly foul-mouthed. Imagine Meatballs or The Bad News Bears with the raunch quotient dialed up a few spins.” Joe Leydon, Variety

“Frequently funny, it scores any number of weird left-of-center laughs.” – Drew McWeeny, HitFix

Date for DVD release subject to change.