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Down Terrace






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Father and son Bill and Karl (real life father and son Bob and Robin Hill) have just been released from jail free and clear, but all is not well at Down Terrace. Patriarchs of a small crime family, their business is plagued with infighting. Karl has had more than he can take of his old man's philosophizing and preaching, and Bill thinks Karl's dedication to the family is seriously compromised when he takes up with an estranged girlfriend who claims to be carrying his baby. To make matters worse, there’s an unidentified informant in their midst that could send them all to prison for a very long time, and none of their associates can be trusted.


Directed by Ben Wheatley
Produced by Andy Starke
Written by Ben Wheatley & Robin Hill
Cinematography – Laurie Rose
Edited by Robin Hill
Sound Design – Martin Pavey
Composer – Jim Williams
Electronic Music – Steven Thrower
Picture Grade – Perry Gibbs
Sound – Rob Entwistle
Sound – Andy Hoare
Sound – Sara Hunt
Sound – Joao Valle
Camera Assistant – David Warren
Camera Assistant – Chris Omand


Bill – Robert Hill
Karl – Robin Hill
Maggie – Julia Deakin
Eric – David Schaal
Garvey – Tony Way
Valda – Kerry Peacock
Pringle – Michael Smiley
Councillor Berman – Mark Kempner
Pringle’s kid – Kitty Blue
Johhny – Gareth Tunley
Mrs Garvey – Kali Peacock
Spitz – Luke Hartney
Mrs Pringle – Janet Hill


“EXCITING. Imagine Mike Leigh directing a deadpan comedy embedded within a British version of The Sopranos.” – Karina Longworth, Spout

“A ZINGY, CAUSTIC FIRST FEATURE.” – Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

“**** STUNNING. Director Whitley has mastered playing disparate styles off of each other. Down Terrace’s real ancestry is Greek Tragedy. A GEM.” – David Fear, Time Out New York

“DARLKY AMUSING. It feels so realistic that it makes The Sopranos look like grand opera.” – Karen Durbin, Elle

“A Dark, Surprisingly Twisty Crime Fable.” – New York Magazine

“AN AUSPICIOUS DIRECTORIAL DEBUT BY BEN WHEATLY. What elevates this film to a remarkable echelon is its pitch-black humor. THIS EXCELLENT FILM NEVER FAILS TO SHINE THROUGH WITH SHARPLY DETAILED EXPOSITORY FOCUS.”- John Everhart, Under the Radar

“A chilling pitch-black comedy with a fresh and subtle sensibility that shines through even in the film’s darkest moments.” – Chris Kompanek, Flavorwire

“My favorite movie of the New Directors/New Films festival. Sublimely understated.” – Steve Dollar, Paste Magazine

Date for DVD release subject to change.