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OSCAR NOMINATED for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2003 and WINNER of the GRAND JURY PRIZE in the DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2003. CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS is a non-fiction feature film that explores the elusive nature of truth through the prism of one of the strangest criminal cases in American history. The Friedmans seem at first to be a typical family. Arnold Friedman is an award-winning schoolteacher, his wife Elaine, a homemaker. Together, they raise their three boys in the affluent Long Island town of Great Neck. One Thanksgiving, the family is gathered at home preparing for a quiet holiday dinner. In an instant, a police battering ram splinters the front door and officers rush into the house searching every corner, seizing boxes of the family's possessions. Arnold and his 18-year old son Jesse are both arrested, and subsequently indicted for hundreds of shocking crimes. The film follows their story - from the public's perspective and, most remarkably, through unique footage of the family in crisis, shot contemporaneously by family members inside the Friedman house.




Date for DVD release subject to change.