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16-year-old Erik's (Andreas Wilson) life is tainted by violence and conflict. When he is expelled from school, he is sent to the boarding school Stjärnsberg as a last chance to break free from his old life and continue his studies. But Stjärnsberg is hardly a refuge —here evil is systematized in the form of condoned violent oppression of younger students by their seniors. Can Erik revolt against the harassment's without breaking the rules and risking expulsion? Can he maintain dignity without being drawn into the violent spiral that is threatening his entire future? Evil is a story of cruelty and the way through it—but also about genuine friendship and the beginnings of love.


Directed by.... Mikael Håfström

Screenplay by.... Mikael Håfström
Hans Gunnarsson

Produced by.... Hans Lönnerheden
Ingemar Leijonborg


Erik Ponti...... Andreas Wilson
Pierre Tanguy...... Henrik Lundström
Otto Silverhielm...Gustaf Skarsgård
Marja...... Linda Zilliacus
Dalén...... Jesper Salén
Johan...... Filip Berg
Von Schenken...... Fredrik af Trampe
Karlberg...... Richard Danielsson
Leffler...... Martin Svane
Bergvall...... Rustan Blomqvist
Von Rosen...... Peter Eggers
Lewenheusen...... Per Westergren
Beijer...... Henrik Linnros
Lagerros...... Theodor Hoffsten
Stina...... Sannamari Patjas
The father...... Johan Rabaeus
The mother...... Marie Richardson
Tosse Berg...... Magnus Roosmann
Tranströmer...... Ulf Friberg
Melander...... Mats Bergman
Headmaster Lindblad...Lennart Hjulström
Ekengren, the lawyer...Kjell Bergqvist
Headmaster...... Björn Granath


“ANDREAS WILSON IS IMPOSSIBLY MAGNETIC, a bona-fide superstar in the making.” – Wade Major, LA City Beat

“A beautifully crafted feature.” – Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

“It’s so good it’s almost on a par with the all-time-great boarding school hell movies.” – Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A Gripping Story. Andreas Wilson is just as brooding and easy on the eyes as James Dean” – John McMurtrie, San Francsico Chronicle

“EXCELLENT! Incendiary, kinetic and suspensefully charged. Masterfully directed with a memorable performance by Andreas Wilson.” – Rex Reed, New York Observer

“Director Mikael Hafstrom confidently builds suspense and Andreas Wilson gives a strong performance.” – V.A. Musetto, New York Post

“Gripping. Watching this ticking time bomb is NEVER LESS THAN RIVETING.” – Scott Tobias, The Onion

“Compulsively watchable.” – Bilge Ebiri, Nerve.com

“**** A FIERCE AND FERVENT FILM. Andreas Wilson is stunningly magnetic.” – Wade Major, Box Office Magazine

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