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NOMA: My Perfect Storm

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NOMA: MY PERFECT STORM is a feature-length documentary film about the celebrated chef René Redzepi set against the backdrop of the Copenhagen-based restaurant, NOMA, The Best Restaurant In The World 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Famous for its reinvention of Danish cuisine and pioneered approach to “foraging”, sourcing nearly all ingredients from the various environments of Scandinavia, Noma is at the forefront of experimenting with new techniques in food. NOMA: MY PERFECT STORM follows chef and co-owner Redzepi on a creative culinary journey as he traverses the Danish landscape for inspiration, striving to achieve perfection and concoct bold, exciting dishes for travelers from around the world.

Inspired by two books written by Redzepi – “Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine,” and “René Redzepi: A Work in Progress,” Deschamps spent more than three years at Noma following the renowned chef, obtaining front-row seats to Noma’s machine-like system of operation: a perfect storm of highbrow culinary technology where 45 place settings are served to perfection for four hours, twice a day.


Directed by
Pierre Deschamps

Mike Brook

Etta Thompson Deschamps

Executive Producers
Malte Udsen
Anders Holck
Ricardo Ceballos
Malene Blenkov
Michel Schønnemann
Etta Thompson Deschamps

Produced by
Documentree Films Ltd.

In Co-production with
Red Rental A/S
Good Rolling Films

In Collaboration with

Original Music by
Frans Bak
Keld Haaning Ibsen


René Redzepi
Hanne Redzepi
Ali Rami Redzepi
Claus Meyer
Ferran Adrià


Date for DVD release subject to change.