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ONDINE is the story of Syracuse, a simple fisherman who catches a beautiful and mysterious woman in his trawler’s nets. The woman seems to be dead, but then she comes alive before Syracuse’s eyes and he thinks he may be seeing things. However, with the help of his ailing, yet irrepressible daughter, Annie, he comes to believe that the fantastical might be possible and that the woman (Ondine) might be a myth come true. Ondine and Syracuse fall passionately in love, but just as we think the fairytale might go on forever, the real world intercedes. Then, after a terrible car crash and the return of a dark and violent figure from Ondine’s past, hope eventually prevails and a new beginning is presented to Syracuse, Ondine and Annie.


Written and Directed by Neil Jordan

Produced by Neil Jordan and James Flynn

Produced by Ben Browning

Executive Producers Michael Maher, Peter Rawlinson

Executive Producer Ned Dowd

Director of Photography Christopher Doyle H.K.S.C.

Edited by Tony Lawson A.C.E

Line Producer Karen Richards

Music Supervisors Becky Bentham & Abbie Lister

Music by Kjartan Sveinsson & Featured Songs by Sigur Ros

Production Designer Anna Rackard

Costume Designer Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh

Casting by Susie Figgis, Frank Moiselle, Nuala Moiselle


Colin Farrell – Syracuse

Alicja Bachleda – Ondine

Alison Barry – Annie

Derva Kirwan – Maura

Stephen Rea – Priest


“INTOXICATINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Colin Farrell gives a beautifully confident performance.” – Mary Pols, Time

“THERE IS SO MUCH BEAUTY and enough saving grace on these craggy shores to let the mists and the legends roll in and envelop you for a while.” – Betsy Sharkey, LA Times

“A GORGEOUS CONTEMPORARY FAIRY TALE. When director Jordan resolves the mystery, he does so beautifully, satisfying both realists and those who long for a storybook ending.” – Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post

“AN ENCHANTING LOVE STORY. Neil Jordan expertly mingles whimsy with grit to create beguiling entertainment.” – Karen Durbin, Elle

“***1/2. Farrell gives a powerful performance and the director’s version of happily ever after comes in its own striking way.” – Rob Lowman, LA Daily News

“A LOVELY SURPRISE. Ondine goes over like a gentle breeze, a sly piece of joy you won’t mind experiencing again.” – Tricia Olszewski, Washington City Paper


“CHARMING AND ROMANTIC. A fish tale that will hook you. One of Colin Farrell’s best and most sensitive performances.” – Marshall Fine, Star

“It’s an adult fantasy whose beauty invites both dreamlike surrender and rationality—as the best cinema always does.” – Armond White, NY Press

“A BEGUILING SIREN SONG OF A MOVIE.” – Keith Phipps, The Onion

“THE MAGIC OF ONDINE IS ALL BENEATH THE SURFACE. By the time the film’s questions are answered, Neil Jordan has already redefined what we commonly think of as magic.” – Stephanie Zacharek, Movieline

“STRIKINGLY SUGGESTIVE. There’s real beauty in Ondine’s ambiguous sense of detail and understanding of how people relate to each other. Jordan delights in subverting the clichés of the fairy tale.” – Ed Gonzalez, Slant

“A CHARMER.” – Caryn James, Marie Claire

“**** ENTRANCING. A PURE DELIGHT. Ondine is injected with a heavy dose of magic and an endearing performance from Colin Farrell.” – Pam Grady, Box Office

“MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST FILMS NEIL JORDAN HAS MADE. Sweet and frankly lovely.” – Scott Weinberg, Cinematical

Date for DVD release subject to change.