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The China Hustle






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THE CHINA HUSTLE begins in the depths of the 2008 financial crisis when we meet Dan David and a band of Wall Street outsiders. Detective-like investors working on the fringes of the financial world, they scour global markets for new opportunities. With the West in a tailspin, they turn to China, to what seems like a new gold rush. Chinese stock market indexes are doubling every year and the potential seems boundless.

There’s one problem, though: US investors can’t participate because they are barred from investing directly in Chinese markets. But this is America, and we always find a way. A few Wall Street operators create a novel solution by bringing hundreds of promising Chinese companies directly to U.S. stock markets. All of the sudden, Middle America can get in on the Chinese miracle, without leaving the comforting confines of the NYSE and the NASDAQ.


Music by
Saul Simon MacWilliams

Director of Photography
Tom Hurwitz, ASC

Edited by
Keith Reamer
Brian Goetz

Co-Executive Producer
Richard Perello

Executive Producers
Mark Cuban
Todd Wagner
Ben Cosgrove
Jeff Cuban

Executive Producer
Stacey Offman

Executive Producers
Alex Gibney
Frank Marshall

Produced by
Sarah Gibson
Ryan Suffern

Written and Directed by
Jed Rothstein




Date for DVD release subject to change.