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Bad Reputation






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Joan Jett is so much more than “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll.” It’s true, she became mega-famous from the number-one hit, and that fame intensified with the music video’s endless play on MTV. But that staple of popularity can’t properly define a musician. Jett put her hard work in long before the fame, ripping it up onstage as the backbone of the hard-rock legends The Runaways, influencing many musicians—both her cohort of punk rockers and generations of younger bands—with her no-bullshit style. Bad Reputation gives you a wild ride as Jett and her close friends tell you how it really was in the burgeoning ’70s punk scene, and their interviews are laced with amazing archival footage. The theme is clear: even though people tried to define Jett and keep her stuck to one hit, she never compromised. She will kick your ass, and you’ll love her all the more for it.


Directed by
Kevin Kerslake

Written and Edited by
Joel Marcus

Peter Afterman

Carianne Brinkman

Executive Producer
Dan Braun

Executive Producers
Kathy Rivkin Daum
Justus Haerder

Alessandra Pasquino
Margaret Yen

Kevin Kerslake
Greg Olliver

Kevin Kerslake

Greg Olliver

Additional cinematography
Peter Alton

Assistant Editor
Avo John Kambourian


Adam Horovitz, Alison Mosshart, Anne Larkin, Bill Curbishley, Billie Joe
Armstrong, Carianne Brinkman, Cherie Currie, Chris Stein, Debbie Harry, Dana
White, Don Bolles, Dougie Needles, Elliot Saltzman, Eric Amble, Evelyn
McDonnell, Gary Ryan, Gene Baur, General Kevin Byrnes, Ian MacKaye, Iggy
Pop, Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Kenny Laguna, Kristen Stewart, Laura Jane
Grace, Meryl Laguna, Michael J. Fox, Michelle Cho, Mike Ness, Miley Cyrus, Nikki
Haley, Pete Townshend, Phanie Diaz, Rodney Bingenheimer, Sally Hershberger,
Toby Mamis, Thom Panunzio, Thommy Price


Date for DVD release subject to change.