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Journey To The West

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One of the undisputed Chinese masters of comedy, Stephen Chow (SHAOLIN SOCCER; KUNG FU HUSTLE) returns with an action-packed love story about competing demon hunters vying for the same conquests.


Written, Produced and Directed by: Stephen Chow

Executive Producers: Stephen Chow, Ellen Eliasoph, Dong Ping, Bill Kong

Producer: Ivy Kong

Associate Producer: Alice Chow

Co-directed by: Derek Kwok

Written by:
Derek Kwok, Huo Xin, Wang Yun, Fung Chih Chiang, Lu Zheng Yu, Lee Sheung Ching, Ivy Kong

Director of Photography: Choi Sung Fai (HKSC)

Action Choreographer: Ku Huen Chiu

Production Designer: Bruce Yu

Post-Production Supervisor: Angie Lam

Visual Effects Supervisor: Ken Law

Visual Effects: Macrograph, Inc., Different Digital Design Limited

Editor: Chan Chi Wai (HKSE)

Composer: Raymond Wong


Miss Duan - Shu Qi
Xuan Zang - Wen Zhang
Sun Wukong - Huang Bo
Prince Important - Show Lo

Sand Monk - Lee Sheung Ching
KL Hogg - Chen Bing Qiang
Master Nameless - Cheng Si Han
First of the North Star - Xing Yu
Killer One - Lu Zheng Yu
Killer Two - Chiu Chi Ling
Killer San - Yang Di
Killer Four - Chrissie Chau
Killer Five - Ge Hang Yu
Short Monkey King - Ge Hang Yu
Taoist Priest - Fung Ming Hun
Mayor - Yeung Lun


“A BONA-FIDE MASTERPIECE. Incredibly fun, powerfully meaningful and entirely unique. The triumphant end result of a virtuoso working at the absolute peak of his talents.” – Todd Gilchrist, The Wrap

“Beautifully done, entertaining as hell, grand entertainment. Full of whiz-bang special effects, amazing set pieces, and a metric ton of heart.” - Nordling, Ain’t It Cool News

“It’s kind of movie that helped me fall in love with Asian cinema. It's crazy, funny, sad, scary, wrong, light, chaotic and imaginative all at once. There's just nothing like it.” – Quint, Ain’t It Cool News

“Stephen Chow does it again!” – Fred Topel, Crave Online

“Outstandingly entertaining!” – Evan Saathoff, Badass Digest

“A sublime crowd-pleaser! Do not miss this undeniably fun and striking adventure-comedy masterwork!” – Kwenton Bellette, Twitch Film

Date for DVD release subject to change.