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In Theatres, On Demand and on iTunes January 2, 2015






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Several hours have passed since the terrible events that ravaged the old building in Barcelona. After the chaos of the first few moments, the army decided to intervene and an elite group of soldiers infiltrated the building in order to plant detonators and put an end to this nightmare once and for all.

The mission is a success; quick and precise. Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman just hours before, manages to make it out alive. But what they don’t know is that she hasn’t made it out of the building alone; within her she carries the seed of the strange infection.

She is to be taken to a provisional quarantine facility, a high-security installation where she will have to stay in isolation for several days.

A perfect location for the virus to be reborn in all its splendour. It will take on new and even more deadly forms, setting the scene for horrors we could only have imagined, before finally revealing its true nature.

The apocalypse has just begun…


Director Jaume Balagueró
Writers Manu Diez
Jaume Balaguero
Producer Julio Fernandez
Executive Producers Julio Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez
Adrià Mones
Laura Fernandez
Associate Producer Valentina Chidichino
Creative Producer Paco Plaza
Line Producers Teresa Gefaell
Oriol Maymó
Alberto Alvarez
Director of Photography Pablo Rosso
Editor Guillermo de la Cal
Music Arnau Bataller
Production Designer Javier Alvariño
Sound Design Oriol Tarrago
Digital FX Supervisor Alex Villagrasa
Make-up Alma Casal
FX Makeup David Ambit
Lucía Salanueva


Manuela Velasco Ángela Vidal
Paco Manzanedo Guzmán
Héctor Colomé Dr. Ricarte
Ismael Fritschi Nic
Críspulo Cabezas Lucas
Mariano Venancio Capitán Ortega
María Alfonsa Rosso Old Lady
Carlos Zabala Goro
Cristian Aquino Edwin
Emilio Buale Jesu
Paco Obregón Dr. Ginard
Javier Laorden Assistant Doctor


“Offers plenty of gory horror fun. This fourquel brings the series back to basics and should remind fans why they fell in love in the first place.” – Phil Brown, Fangoria

“An adrenaline-driven roller-coaster ride.” – Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

“Fast paced and entertaining.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Immensely entertaining. I loved it.” – Nia Edwards-Behi, Brutal As Hell

“Entertaining. A generous amount of bloody zombie action that will surely please the fans.” – Guillem Rosset, Twitch

Date for DVD release subject to change.