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SHOT! THE PSYCHO-SPIRTUAL MANTRA OF ROCK Is a deep look into the mind of one of rock’s greatest living photographers: Mick Rock. Rock’s work with some of the most accomplished personalities of the past forty years - David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop - created many of the images that would come to define them. Presented in his own words, Rock takes us through his journey from the glam rock shimmer of London, through the snarl of NYC punk and into the new millennium, combining a portrait of the man who did the work, with a look at what the work did to the man.


Directed by: Barnaby Clay
Produced by: Monica Hampton, Sal Scamardo, Marisa Polvino, Jim Czarnecki and Danny Gabai


Cast: Mick Rock


Date for DVD release subject to change.