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Smash His Camera






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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sued him, Marlon Brando broke his jaw and Steve McQueen gave him a look that would have killed, if looks could kill. To the celebrities he pursued, photographer Ron Galella was the beast who threatened beauty. As it turned out, he gave them a strange and lasting beauty they might never have known without him. Inherent in the story of this notorious paparazzo are the complex issues of the right to privacy, freedom of the press and the ever-growing vortex of celebrity worship. He sneaked around and invaded and bribed and held up his camera and shot till he dropped (or someone dropped him). His was the artistry of the sniper. Yet Galella found something essential in his real-life subjects, and he gave it permanence.


Director Leon Gast

Producers Adam Schlesinger, Linda Saffire

Executive Producers Jeffrey Tarrant, William Ackman, Daniel Stern

Editor Doug Abel, A.C.E.

Director of Photography Don Lenzer

Creative Consultant Roger Rosenblatt

Music Craig Hazen, David Wolfert



“Ron Galella is a viper, a parasite, a stalker, a vermin. He is also, I have decided, a national treasure." – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Ridiculously entertaining… a deceptively complex look at the fluid nature of celebrity, glamour, privacy, and art.” – Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

“A dishy and elegant portrait of Ron Galella – the most famous of all paparazzi, the most trail-blazing and artful, and also the most blood-boilingly vilified. Galella’s photographs are raw, beautiful, shocking, tender, fascinating, and real.”– Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Date for DVD release subject to change.