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Best Man Down

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When their obnoxious and over-served best man, Lumpy (Tyler Labine) unexpectedly dies at their destination wedding in Phoenix, bride and groom Kristin (Jess Weixler) and Scott (Justin Long) are forced to cancel their honeymoon and fly home to the snowy Midwest to arrange for his funeral. But getting Lumpy’s body back to Minneapolis is just the start of their adventure, as the well-intended sacrifice surprises at every turn. And when the newlyweds’ path leads them to a fifteen year-old girl (Addison Timlin) in a small, northern Minnesota town – all bets are off on who Lumpy really was.


Directed by
Ted Koland

Written by
Ted Koland

Produced by
Jen Roskind
Sharyn Steele
David Abbitt

Executive Producers
Tricia Wood
Deborah Aquila
John Hood
Christopher Colbert
Jeff Donald
Bobby Sanders
Donny Sanders
Scott Hill

Co-Executive Producer
William R. Hulsey

Director of Photography
Seamus Tierney

Production Designer
Jade Healy

Grant Myers

Mateo Messina


Justin Long

Jess Weixler

Addison Timlin

Shelley Long

Frances O’Connor

Tyler Labine


“FOUR STARS. IT TRULY SHINES. Heartfelt, intelligent with a brilliant cast.” Marcos Bernal-Salas, Examiner

“The engagingly bearish Tyler Labine makes a strikingly memorable impact.” – Mark Adams, Screen

"Ted Koland's debut feature is a surprisingly likable indie drama." --The Oregonian

"The best man may be down, but Timlin's Ramsey is the vulnerable, smart and foundering soul who has reasons for missing him that the groom can barely fathom in this sad, surprisingly affecting little comedy." --Zap2It

"Best Man Down is a bemusing indie dramedy with Justin Long about those two rites of passage that mean so much: weddings and funerals. This is a slight movie that will still leave you feeling pretty good about the whole ceremony." --Den of Geek

"Best Man Down is a sweet natured independent comedy-drama from first-time filmmaker, Ted Koland. It is the sort of film that plays well to festival crowds yet ends up being forgotten and ignored by the general public. It is a shame if it does get ignored because it is an occasionally touching drama tinged with comedy and supported by good, natural performances, particularly from Addison Timlin." –Letterboxed

“If you try to pigeonhold writer/director Ted Koland's Best Man Down into one cinematic genre you will find yourself incredibly torn; for this complex story of human relationships dances along the entire spectrum of the emotional rainbow, creating a life-like reality that cannot be classified into any specific category. The result? A rollercoaster of sentiment that pulls at your heartstrings in the best ways possible." --Junebug

"The unspoken wisdom about attending friends’ weddings is that they tell you when you are an adult. However, it’s only after your first funeral that you’ll feel it. Best Man Down, like so much fiction before it, finds humor and pathos in the juxtaposition of these two rites of passage. Yet, despite its standard indie “dramedy” trappings, it also finds a surprisingly authentic center that is more than worth a knowing smile." --Den of Geek

"Best Man Down strikes a blissful tonal mix that turns one man's death into another man's enlightening journey, as both Justin Long and Tyler Labine flex their dramatic acting muscles." --We Got This Covered

“A slight, but sweet and surprisingly touching combination of mournful romance, coming-of-age picture and friend-I-never-really-knew drama." -- McClatchy-Tribune

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