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A police chase after a deranged ice cream truck has captivated the attention of the greater Los Angeles area. Dozens of fame-obsessed teens flock to the streets with their video cameras and camera phones, hell-bent on capturing the next viral video. But there is something far more sinister occurring in the streets of L.A. than a simple police chase. A resounding effect is created onto all those obsessed with capturing salacious footage for no other purpose than to amuse or titillate. Soon the discovery becomes that they themselves are the stars of the next video, one where they face their own death.

V/H/S Viral is the third installment in the found-footage horror franchise



Marcel Sarmiento

Gregg Bishop

Nacho Vigalondo

Justin Benson
Aaron Moorhead


T.J. Cimfel, David White, and Marcel Sarmiento

Gregg Bishop

Nacho Vigalondo

Justin Benson

Todd Lincoln


Brad Miska


Gary Binkow
Brad Miska


Marcel Sarmiento
Zak Zeman
Tom Owen



“I've always enjoyed this series, and this 3rd installment is just as fun.” – Ain’t it Cool News

“The series thus far has served to introduce young horror fans to some of the most talented and creative minds that have been active in the genre.” – We are Movie Geeks

“V/H/S Viral is a magnificent collection of horror shorts from both established and newer talent in cinema. Fans of the franchise will certainly be pleased, but it’s hard to imagine newcomers to the franchise not being won over as well.” – Next Projection

“If you like your horror mixed with laughs, this anthology threequel is a blast. - IGN

“It’s a blast; a short, sharp shock of a film that barrels through three highly imaginative short stories and a wraparound with gleeful abandon, and if you just want a good time at a horror movie, you could fare far worse.” – Geek League of America

“Explodes with a newfound imagination and adherence to giving the audience a damn good time.” – Geek League of America

Date for DVD release subject to change.