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Out Stealing Horses






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November 1999: 67-year-old Trond (Stellan Skarsgård), lives in self-imposed isolation and looks forward to welcoming in the new millennium alone. As winter arrives he meets one of his few neighbors, Lars (Bjørn Floberg), and realizes he knew him back in the summer of 1948. 1948 – the year Trond turned 15. The summer Trond grew up.

OUT STEALING HORSES is based on the bestselling novel by Norwegian author Per Petterson, which received several important international awards and was included in The New York Times ’10 Best Books of 2007 (Fiction)’. Petterson’s novels have been translated into more than 50 languages.



Director and screenwriter Hans Petter Moland

Producers Turid Øversveen, Håkon Øverås,

Co-Producers Marie Gade Dennesen, Lizette Jonjic, Peter Possne
Executive Producers Lene Korslund, Karin Julsrud, Axel Helgeland,
Anders Kjærhauge, Håvard Gjerstad,
Knut Ola Evensen
Line Producer Tessa Eggesbø

Production Manager Vigdis Roset

Cinematographer Rasmus Vidbæk

Editors Jens Christian Fodstad, Nicolaj Monberg

Composer Kaspar Kaae

Sound Design Gisle Tveito

Production Designer Jørgen Stangebye Larsen

Costume Designer Anne Pedersen

Hair & make-up Dorte Pedersen
Egle Mikalauskaité-Griciené

Production company 4 ½ Fiksjon AS

Co-production companies Helgeland Film, Zentropa, Zentropa Sweden, Nordisk Film, Film i Väst



Stellan Skarsgård Trond

Bjørn Floberg Lars Haug

Tobias Santelmann Father of Young Trond

Jon Ranes Young Trond

Danica Curcic Jon and Lars’ Mother


Date for DVD release subject to change.