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DVD Release Date: 2/10/2009

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Prachya Pinkaew, director of Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior, returns with CHOCOLATE, an explosive new martial arts masterpiece starring his new protégé, “Jija” Yanin Vismistananda, who spent five years training for the role. Jija plays Zen, a young autistic girl who grows up next to a Muay Thai boxing studio and is raised on a steady diet of chocolate and marathon viewings of Tony Jaa and Bruce Lee films. Zen’s father, a Japanese gangster, has been driven out of the country by a rival Thai gang, so her mother has been forced to raise her alone.

It becomes clear over time that Zen has miraculously absorbed formidable Muay Thai techniques from watching the boxers next door and repeated viewings of martial arts classics. When Zen’s mother is diagnosed with cancer and the cost of treatments prove overwhelming for the family, Zen sets out with her cousin on a violent mission to collect debts from the corrupt gangsters that owe her mother money.

Featuring death-defying stunts and a charming newcomer who is sure to blow the minds of martial arts fans everywhere, CHOCOLATE represents Prachya’s proper follow-up to the smash success of Ong Bak.


Directed by
Prachya Pinkaew

Written by
Matthew Chookiat Sakveerakul

Story by
Prachya Pinkaew

Produced by
Prachya Pinkaew
Panna Rittikari
Sukanya Vongsthapat

Associate Producer
Sita Vosbein

Cinematography by
Decha Seemanta

Edited by
Rashane Limtrakul
Prapob Suraskulwat

Art Director
Nopporn Kirdsilpa

Original Music
Giant Ape

Sound FX and Sound Designer
Suthisak Suthijitt

Costume Designer
Ekasit Meepraseartsagool

Action Supervisor
Panna Rittikrai

Martial Art Choreographer
Weerapon Phumatfon
Thaworn Thonapan

Action Director
Weerapon Phumatfon


Jija Yanin Vismistananda,
Yanin Mitananda
Hiroshi Abe
Pongpat Wachirabunjong
Ammara Siriphong
Taphon Phopwandee


"'CHOCOLATE' is a sweet, brutal, bloody treat." - Harry Knowles, Ain't It Cool News

"One of the most anticpated films for well over a year, CHOCOLATE is madness. Madness of the brilliant, painful kind." - Todd Brown, Twitch

Date for DVD release subject to change.