Shadow Dancer

Starring Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough and Gillian Anderson - Available on DVD and Blu-ray™

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-The Hollywood Reporter


-Washington Post


-Paste Magazine

"It's a tense, terrific thriller, with a superb performance by Riseborough as the deeply conflicted mole."

-Dennis Dermody, Reviews

"Critic’s Pick"

-Washington Post

"Plays a deadly game of intrigue."

-Chicago Sun Times

"A taut, ominous political thriller."

-Chicago Sun Times

"A measured film ripe with suspense that never lets up."

-Chicago Sun Times

"Handled with suspenseful precision by director James Marsh."


"Grade: A-. " Barrels forward with swiftly constructed suspense that transforms the premise into a high octane thriller."


"This Year's James Bond Is James Marsh's 'Shadow Dancer'"


"Understated, classy, solid filmmaking with intelligence and soul."

-Twitch Film

"Not only is Riseborough fantastic as our morally tangled heroine, always dependable Owen also gives a fine tuned performance as an MI5 officer trying to do right by his subject."

-Twitch Film

"Critics’ Pick"

-NY Times

"Ms. Riseborough’s gripping performance is remarkable."

-NY Times

"Brims with Edgy Life"

-Village Voice

"James Marsh has delivered something truly special."

-Indiewire-The Playlist

"Grade A-. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time."


"Everything about this BBC-produced thriller, from its near-perfect pacing to its flawless acting and direction, conspires to turn what could have been a humdrum political action flick into an exciting, gripping drama."


"Risenborough is a revelation"


"A Popcorn Movie for Grown-Ups"

-The L Magazine

"It's a tensely plotted, edge-of-your-seat spy movie"

-The L Magazine


-Daily Beast

"Finely crafted, intelligently acted political thriller/drama with a complexity, subtlety, and depth that immediately recalls Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."


"A thriller with a fascinating focus on women."

-Karen Durbin, ELLE Magazine

About The Film

When single mother Collette McVeigh (Riseborough) is arrested for her part in an aborted IRA plot in London, an MI5 officer (Owen) offers her a choice: lose everything and go to prison or return to Belfast to spy on her own family. With her son’s life in her hands, Collette chooses to place her trust in the MI5 and return home. When her brothers’ secret operation is ambushed, suspicions of an informant are raised and Collette finds both herself and her family in grave danger.

Cast & Crew

Clive Owen
Andrea Riseborough
Gillian Anderson

R - for Violence, Some Sexual Content, Language and Drug Use.
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