"An epic, often funny testament to creative fearlessness."
- Time Out New York
"EXCELLENT???A must for filmgoers seeking to understand contemporary art"
- John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
"A great artist doc."
- Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine
"A fitting appreciation. Complex, mysterious, but ultimately quite winning."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety
"4 Stars Even skeptical audiences may find themselves ???getting it???"
- Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian
"A compelling portrait of the artist as young masochist."
- Jay Horton, Willamette Week
"You???ll walk out with a whole new respect for one of contemporary art???s true shit disturbers."
- Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight
"A portrait of the artist emerges that???s complex, somewhat mysterious, but ultimately quite winning."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety
"Even for viewers who know much more about Burden than that thing with the rifle, it's almost certain to trigger a hunger for more."
- John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter
"Directors Timothy Marrinan and Richard Dewey approach his work with precisely the right mixture of skepticism and reverence."
- Jason Bailey, Flavorwire
"Dewey and Marrinan have created an encompassing, succinct look at one of America???s most divisive and unsung artistic voices."
- Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene
"The filmmakers have woven together an abundance of material to paint a sympathetic portrait of an artist whose notoriety might draw an audience, but whose unpredictability and dedication will keep them in their seats far beyond the most infamous of his performances."
- ArtNet News
"A must-see for followers of performance art and an eye-opener for others."
- Film Journal International
"You will be swept up by the magic and the chaos that Burden created."
- The Huffington Post
"Enthralling, utterly fascinating, and inspiring documentary."
- Dennis Dermody, Paper Magazine
"Consistently fascinating."
- Glenn Kenny, rogerebert.com
"A compelling portrait."
- Cinemacy
- Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times