"’The Answer Man’ is terrific entertainment. A sparkling, wickedly funny comedy. Jeff Daniels is outstanding. For those looking for smart, sharp, witty filmmaking here’s your answer!"
- Pete Hammond, Boxoffice Magazine
"Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham are delightful in this thought provoking rom-com."
- Michael Musto, The Village Voice
"A warm and witty comedy with characters that come alive, thanks to splendid performances by Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham and Lou Taylor Pucci."
- Steven Farber, Reel Talk
"The Answer Man" is one of those films that reminds all of us what good cinema actually is: an engaging story with complex characters who you root for in the end."
- Sonoma News
"There have been a lot of movies released so far this year, but none have been as pleasantly surprising as “The Answer Man.” It’s pitch-perfect for moviegoers of any age."
- Campus Circle